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In order to become an author or even editor for this website, you have to request an account.

On the sidebar is a link that says "Log in / create account". Following this link, you can either log in, if you already have an account, or request a new account.
Note: Your browser must have cookies enabled. Otherwise you cannot login.

To effectively request an account, you have to fill in and submit the corresponding form.


  • Username: The name that you want to use as login name (your real first name, nickname, ...)
  • Email address: This has to be a working email address, so you can confirm your request. Moreover, should you ever forget your password, this is where your new password will be sent.
  • Real name: Your real name, used for approval.
  • Personal biography: A summary of your scientific education and/or work.


  • Upload Resume or CV: If you have one at the ready...
  • Additional notes: A place to say something that should not go anywhere else.
  • List of websites: Your scientific work online.

Your request will be sent to Rudolf Freund. If he approves your request, you will be notified via email that you have become a registered author.